A sound marketing mix expands beyond advertising into related fields of marketing such as public relations. A good public relations program can help project the correct image to the target public’s and increase market share. A good plan has the ability to tell an in depth story, correct myths, and communicate an image and message. If interesting material is generated to the media, it can create lasting editorial alliances and bring the message to the target markets in the most believable way.

An article in a newspaper or magazine or online, or an interview on the news gains credibility because the reporter provides a third party endorsement. However, today’s editors are sophisticated and quite wary of persons who simply want to take advantage of “free advertising.” It is for this reason that a public relations pro should be informed on all aspects of the operation in order to generate news worthy story ideas. From an informed vantage point Tactical Marketing can “scout” for editorial opportunities and create story angles that are difficult for editors to ignore. From the consumer angle, regular news announcements, and feature stories can create top of mind awareness.