mastery Monday “take action”

mastery Monday “take action”

Mastery can be defined in many ways. Skills or knowledge that makes one master of a subject, the possession or display of great skill or technique, upper hand or authority, understanding or complete control of something.

Some may argue that having some or all of these doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has mastery of a subject. Some argue that you truly show mastery when you have done it over and over again successfully, when you take action.

I tend to believe mastery is achieved by taking action and repetition. I’ve personally known of people who are very smart, went to college, finished grad school and by any definition master the subject, right? Then they go out in to the real world, where they need to execute their knowledge and it doesn’t go as well.

On the other hand, some people are just naturals at something or some who just have the guts to try it without having the necessary knowledge or skill on the subject. They fail time and time again, and learn from their failures, they keep at it again and again without letting anyone or anything bring them down, tweaking the things they learned not to do and taking feedback as positive, taking opportunity of the situation they have created for themselves by never surrendering. I believe in this type of mastery.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a strong believer that education and knowledge are potential power. I do believe that when they stop becoming “potential power” and start turning in to actual mastery is when action takes place. When they have done something so many times they can do it with their eyes closed and can have all the confidence in the world that no one can do it better then they can.



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