fear Friday “learn to dance with it

fear Friday “learn to dance with it

Fear is a necessary evil. It’s something we all feel, it’s hardwired in our brains to protect us. It’s meant to let us know when something bad is about to happen. In the early age of humanity it was incredibly useful, if you saw a lion fear was there, it was there to let the human know, you have to run now or you’ll be eaten!

Fear still serves a purpose, if you see someone pointing a gun at you, you have a good reason to be afraid, your life is in danger. There’s an important fact we cant oversee though. Sometimes we have to listen to fear but sometimes we just have to learn how to dance with it.

Have you ever had that feeling when you have to do something and fear kicks in? Your palms get sweaty, your heart starts beating a million times per minute, you hear a buzz in your head that barely let’s you think, and then out of nowhere, something inside you just tells you to do it anyways, you do it and it turns out great! WOW! what a feeling right, you feel invincible.

That happens because there are things we should definitely be afraid of but there are also things in which we just have to learn how to overcome fear and do it anyways. If you have a presentation at work or your on your way to an interview, you might feel fear but you have to know that if you don’t do it your not going to get ahead.

There’s always a safe way to go or a way that might scare you because you don’t know what the outcome will be. The cool thing is, this day in age the probabilities of having some terrible outcome or dying because you dared to do something are slim. Now, if we understand this fact, this is great news for us. It means that we can get out of our comfort zone knowing that whatever the outcome is, we are still going to be ok.

There’s a Albert Einstein quote that many of us have heard, it’s the definition of insanity. He defined insanity as ” doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results”. The truth of the matter is that if we don’t learn how to differentiate when we genuinely need to feel fear to when we just have to overcome it, we’ll always end up with the same result.

I’m a big follower of Seth Goding and read his blog daily. Here’s a link to see what the master has to say about this subject. Seth Godin on fear

I hope it helps! In the meantime, why don’t we just try something crazy here that actually makes sense?

Why don’t we just learn how to dance with it!

Have a great weekend!



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